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Life in Auckland

土曜日, 9月 25, 2004

oosaka crab

oosaka crab
oosaka crab,
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This is a famous crab building in Osaka. It's kind of funky area, like most of Osaka is really.

Osaka is in the heart of the kansai region of Japan, south of Tokyo and Nagoya but North of Hirsoshima and Shikoku. The people that live there speak a dialect that was difficult to wrap my head around most of the time. Japanese dialects can seem rather radical at times making it insanely difficult to communicate even basic things taht you though you'd spent a couple of years perfecting.

Osaka is also an incredibly ugly city. Like many cities in Japan it was decimated and had to be rebuilt during the architectural eyesore that was the 1950's through on to the 1980's. That being said the people are really out going, more so than in Tokyo and the image that a lot of Japanese have of Kansai people is that they're salt-of-the-earth, hard workin' and loud.

My friend Tsubasa lives down in Osaka and it was fortunate to have her there to show me around becasue I would have been desperately lost. I stayed in a capsule hotel while I was there, which I'll post a picture of here shortly.

I also met Tsubasa's mom and dad who were an amazing pair. Tsubaba's father was so incredibly nice to me, during the intense heat of August he gave me a Japanese folding fan and sweat hanky. He didn't even know that earlier that day I had lost my own folding fan in a telephone booth after I set it down to tend to my recently cut toe. Each time I was invited into a Japanese family's home there was a sense of excitment, shared by both me and the family.

At this time my speaking Japanese was still pretty weak (still is, really). It'll be nice when I can travel back again at the end of the year and actually communicate with all these people I learned to adore despite the language barrier.

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