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Life in Auckland

月曜日, 9月 27, 2004

putting a damper of my prolific... uhm... -ness

At least three times while I've been trying to write something long, involved and, I'm sure, interesting I've had my post be deleted through some browser error, mistake on my part or trouble with Blogger. The same happens fairly consistantly with e-mails that I write. I'll get something written out, give it a quick read through for grammer and spelling and then something goes wrong.

The worse is on my mobile phone, where writing an e-mail can take forever on those little number pads without predictive text. That and the DEF ket is so close to the END key that it's easy to give END a double tap and quit out of an e-mail you've spent half an hour on. I would just suggest that every mobile phone company in Japan give your phone to an English speaker for a week and let them try sending e-mails on it. I'm sure you'd get some valuable feedback.

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