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Life in Auckland

金曜日, 10月 22, 2004

absentee ballot

Thanks to my mom, I was instilled with a since of civic pride and duty. More than anything I'm grateful that my mom instilled in me the most liberal quality of all: the need to contantly question the world around me, contemplate and deduce for myself. I'm sure at times it contributed to me being a difficult child to be around. In High School I was troublesome to many as I tried to work out situations around me, sometimes quite poorly.

Now I'm an adult and I'm voting. Even absentee voting which if you think that it's tough to drive down the street to the Presbyterian church that's your polling place I'm certainly not the one to bitch to. I managed to get my ballot request form into Salt Lake County through air mail, an expensive process. When my ballot arrived I was surprisingly excited, I called my friend Megan who used to work at the Pentagon in the voter registration services. She expressed her encouragement and was impressed that I had a punch card, not just a write in ballot. I'm kickin' it old-school, punch-card style. Then I called my mom to get some info on the local races that I didn't know much about. I ended up voting straight democrat but I wasn't going to let any straight party option keep me from poking out all those little chads for the individual canidates. Are you kidding me? Those guys are the bubble wrap of democracy. So soothing.

Anyways then I caught the train and the two transfers necessary to get me to the US Embassy. Once there I was searched twice and had to pass through a couple of metal detectors. Then I through my ballot into a FedEx envelope and they sent it off for free. A nice service to provide a lowly expatriate like me.

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