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Life in Auckland

火曜日, 10月 05, 2004

cocoon world

cacoon world
cacoon world,
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Kyoto was a bundle of miraculous small things bundled together in a place that's stupefying modern. I've heard a lot of people complain that Kyoto is too tourist is, which I'm sure it is when you stay in the wrong areas. My Lonely Planet though pointed me towards the northeast corner of things, where I was nuzzled into what felt like a really calm area.

One night as Simon, an English tree surgeon I befriended, and I were wondering around we came across a small shop looking thing with a lady who strong armed us into coming upstairs and listening to a young man playing a traditional Japanese flute.

The tea was a little thick but the entire shop was populated with a full world of small white animals assembled entirely of silkworm cocoons.

Afterwards we returned outside to see a display of an entire village (see picture) that was created with the same cocoons, including tiny samurai and farmers.

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