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Life in Auckland

水曜日, 10月 06, 2004

daikakuji monks

daikakuji monks
daikakuji monks,
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In Kyoto, on the northwestern corner, there's a somewhat overlooked Buddhist temple that I fell in love with. It holds a lot of the little touches that make other places fascinating. On top of that it feels like it has a real living, buddhist comunity that takes part in the life there.

When I first arrived at Daikauji it didn't realize that on the same night there was a festival. I wandered around for a little while and watched a high school band practice. I met a young buddhist monk named Reiko who was excited to talk to me. Then as the sun began to set things started to happen around the lake that sits on the east side of the temple. People started to gather, there was some traditional dancing going on near the shinto shrine that sat to the north.

Later there was a household item raffle and I manged to win some sponges. A little later, in the center of the lake some monks placed some thin wooden cards that people had been buying earlier that day. Then a bonfire was lit and the wonks returned to the pier and continued chanting.

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