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Life in Auckland

金曜日, 10月 01, 2004

todaiji and art

nara art
nara art,
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While trecking around Japan I managed to spend a day poking around Nara. Nara is the original center of power in Japan, before the emperor moved to Kyoto. It's home to Todaiji, an amazing buddhist temple, along with a huge selection of early Japanese architecture and a lot of deer.

While poking around Todaiji I met an artist who had manged to fulfill his life dream by placing an exhibition of metal sculptures in the pond that sits in front of the temple. He was a very soulful man who had obviously managed to have a long love affair with Japan and buddhist culture.

He told me to come back that night and see the sculptures lit up before the temple. He was right, it's an incredible sight. Apparently it had taken over a decade for him to convince the authorities to allow him to place his art there and they only allowed him about two weeks. The art was three giant flowers fashioned growing from the pond surrounded by nearly 250 small anial statues that represent different countries around the world. It was easy to spot the one from New Zealand which, I learned later, was where his wife is from. She also studied at the University of Auckland.

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