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Life in Auckland

火曜日, 12月 21, 2004

japanese santa

japanese santa
japanese santa,
originally uploaded by yuutamichael.
The holidays are upon us and I thought you guys might appreciate this picture of a Japanese santa I saw in Shinkjuku yesterday. Note that the Japanese santa suffers from elephantitis.

This holiday season is particularly hard for me because it's the first time I'm away from my family. I hope everyone's doing okay and that you get cool presents.

japanese santa suits
japanese santa suits,
originally uploaded by yuutamichael.
The random suits that you see laying around Japanese department stores are yet another example of something that I can't tell if it's weird or not. People are always asking me to send home pictures of "crazy Japanese stuff" but I have a hard time telling if something is unique to Japan or would be just as likely to be found in an American costume shop.

creepy ad for christ
creepy ad for christ,
originally uploaded by yuutamichael.
This is an ad I saw in the subway station at Takadanobaba. It seems like an odd parrallel between the process of Christmas gift shopping and the cross that Christ supposedly had to carry. I'm assuming an ad like this wouldn't fly in the states.

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