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Life in Auckland

火曜日, 12月 28, 2004


Yesterday, I was walking around Nakano taking pictures for a manga that I'm working on. When I made my way towards the train station I was accosted by a man in a suit who began shaking my hand really hard. I was momentarily stunned, my brain not capable of thinking what to do in such a situation having lost it's street based cynicism in the cushy safety of Tokyo. The man looked me in the eye and said "I love you, my favorite star!" I stumbled for something to say but all that came out was "arigato" at this point a small crowd of maybe twenty people began to form around me. I tried to pull my arm away and leave, but he was holding on very tightly. When I made a break for it a I heard some girls scream "Honto?!" (Really?!) and hands were suddenly reaching out and pawing at me. Someone's finger nail scratched my cheek a bit and I managed to stumble away muttering in Japanes something about being in a hurry to meet someone.

It was bizzarre. I still have no idea who these people thought I was. I was tempted to think that it was some sort of weird performance art piece where people find a foreigner and make fun of them but the variety of age of my adoring fans seemed to great.

Any ideas on who I might be?

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