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Life in Auckland

火曜日, 12月 28, 2004

tokyo gothy fashion show

originally uploaded by yuutamichael.
The other day Lisa was in a, well... er... lolita fashion show. The term is used a bit different in the Tokyo cosplay circle than it is in the west. It really has nothing to do with Nabokovian lust but is something more akin to goth culture in the states. Floofy skirts do make an important contribution to all of it though.

Well, here are the pictures of the event, it was odd. There was a duo that performed some vaguely Eastern European sounding sounds with Japanese lyrics sung in an operatic voice. There was a lot of time wasted in the set up of things. Also, the audience, by far, had the better costumes.


Yesterday, I was walking around Nakano taking pictures for a manga that I'm working on. When I made my way towards the train station I was accosted by a man in a suit who began shaking my hand really hard. I was momentarily stunned, my brain not capable of thinking what to do in such a situation having lost it's street based cynicism in the cushy safety of Tokyo. The man looked me in the eye and said "I love you, my favorite star!" I stumbled for something to say but all that came out was "arigato" at this point a small crowd of maybe twenty people began to form around me. I tried to pull my arm away and leave, but he was holding on very tightly. When I made a break for it a I heard some girls scream "Honto?!" (Really?!) and hands were suddenly reaching out and pawing at me. Someone's finger nail scratched my cheek a bit and I managed to stumble away muttering in Japanes something about being in a hurry to meet someone.

It was bizzarre. I still have no idea who these people thought I was. I was tempted to think that it was some sort of weird performance art piece where people find a foreigner and make fun of them but the variety of age of my adoring fans seemed to great.

Any ideas on who I might be?